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Happy Halloween Gifts

It may be a bit last minute, but I have created a set of bookmarks come Hallowwen cards that can be coloured in! Hopefully help to grow my Patreon community. I would love to hit 10 patrons before I lock the content on my page down, I’m already halfway there with 5!!! If you’re intrigued about what it’s all about, most of my posts are visible to the public at the moment so you can have a little nose about.

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a membership platform where people can subscribe to me as a creator and support my work. In return they get to see and be a part of the process. You can cancel and or rejoin your membership and subscription at any time at all and as many times as you wish.

What am I creating?

I am creating a graphic novel! MoJo is a middle-grade graphic novel exploring the rawness of grief and the power of our emotions through the magical friendship of a young Witch and their Cat Familiar. The setting is heavily influenced by Welsh Celtic Paganism, Folklore, and Mythology.

Most of the script is written. I am just navigating a couple of bits I’m stuck on, there’s a few posts on what I'm doing and how I’m doing it coming imminently! When I have that complete I will be sharing my next steps where I'm seeking an agent and representation and then a traditional publishing contract. MoJo is 100+ pages long so I have my work cut out for me and no doubt many pitfalls and triumphs to share!

Reasons why you should follow me?

As mentioned above I will be sharing every step of the journey, ups and downs within my Patreon community. Subscribing supports me in creating this mammoth illustrative undertaking! I have had to spread my freelance work out a little thinner through my calendar next year to make space to work on this, which means less income from my freelance duties. In return you have my unwavering gratitude and commitment to bring you plenty of thanks. Badger Tier supporters will get monthly downloads on Witchcraft, folklore and mythology in the style of grimoires, book of shadow pages, and a sticker sheet, postcard, print and similar. I will also be sharing extra pieces with all tiers as a thank you as I go along too.


Please feel free to share this download with anyone and anywhere, although as always I do state that this isn't for commercial reuse.

Download PDF • 6.31MB

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