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Mermay writing & illustrating challenge - part 2

As promised here are the character sheets for Lae and Kit.

I changed very little on either, just a few tweaks on Lae, notably I wanted to give her a more aquatic nose.

Here's the turnaround sheet I didi for Lae:

If you’re interested in the full process of how I design characters and create character sheets for illustration and what to include in them I posted a breakdown using these as an example on my Patreon.

Bonus little sketch up I did to practice some monotone approaches and textures I wanted to try:

On every book project I work on I create character sheets. They allow me to get to know a character and offer a reference point for how to draw them to keep the consistent throughout the project.

I think I've pretty much pinned down exactly how I'm going to divide the challenge and my exact goal so I'll share that with you all before the end of the week!

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