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Weitere 143 Episoden zum Download.The leader of the British National Party (BNP) says thousands of people from Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union are coming to Britain to vote in this year's general election. "They're all voting BNP," said the party's leader Nick Griffin, at the end of a four-day tour of England. Griffin was speaking at a special BNP meeting on Saturday ahead of the vote on June 7. He said the BNP had recorded a 15% rise in membership in the past year and said the party now had about 2,500 branches across the country. "We are looking forward to a very good election result," he said. Griffin said recent polls have shown that his party has "much more support in British society than was previously believed". The BNP's popularity in the polls has resulted in accusations that the party is trying to tap into racism to draw support. The BNP insists that it is about European independence and "not turning back on the British people". Griffin denied the party's "racist" image, but said its opinions were based on the facts. The party's candidate for the London Mayoral election, Colin Robinson, who was also present at the BNP meeting, said he was confident that the BNP would gain more seats in the London Assembly.The whole “T” thing is the generic name for the typographic letter T. It’s also known as “t-bar,” “t-bar cap,” “t-bar serif,” “t,” “tbar,” “Tbar”, and “tbar caps.” Glyph Examples Here’s how the T looks in various forms. Just in case you’re wondering, “T” was added as a separate letter in the first typographic specimen, the Petit Albert de Bruges Bible of 1471. The small s at the top was only added for “showing off” — it’s not used as part of the T in any Western languages. It can also be found in the OLD NUMBERS, SOFT HYPHEN, DOUBLE HYPHEN, and so on. Worth mentioning: The T




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Crack Para Activar Robot Structural Analysis Professional 2016 32
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