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Corryn Webb


Corryn Webb is a Welsh freelance illustrator and designer based in the rugged mountains beside the North Wales coast in the UK. Living with her husband, children and rescue dogs.
With her vivid imagination and eye for detail, Corryn has been lauded for her beautiful award-winning pieces bursting to the rim with creativity. She is fascinated by the beauty, magic, and mythology of the natural landscape of Wales, which regularly inspires her art.
Corryn is on the neurodivergent spectrum and presently undergoing diagnosis for ADHD and Autism. She's also a member of the LGBTQ community. Representing both communities is very important to her through her work and platforms. When she's not working, you can find her tending her indoor jungle, reading or making, whether that be model making or embroidery she loves to create.
Corryn’s passionate about creating unique and eye-catching illustrations for children's books. Creating new characters, embarking on adventures with old friends, exploring magical kingdoms and sparking the imagination of small and big humans are her raison d'etre.



Sounding Board

Sen chews over all the ideas and gives the best feedback. He also ensures I take lots of regular breaks to help keep ideas fresh. 
He has a high floof:dog ratio.

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