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Book Design &

Formatting Services

We offer everything you need to turn your masterpiece from a simple yet magnificent manuscript into a fully-fledged, actual book. Whatever the service you require, we can guarantee you that we will be there to help with any issues and offer you experienced and knowledgeable support throughout the book creation process.


Cover Design Package

£350 Includes paperback, hardback cover formats

A unique and eye-catching design is essential to your book's success and should reflect the beauty within its pages. I have successfully worked on many book covers and redesigned covers for rerelease, examples of which can be found on my portfolio page.

Typesetting & Design Package

£550 Includes paperback, hardback and ebook formats

After the story itself, and accompanying illustrations, this is the essential part of your book. This is where we work not just with the images but with the story’s context, to elegantly lay it out in a way that operates as part of the story itself, helping guide the reader on their adventure.


Professional Print Book Formatting Service

£175 Includes paperback, hardback and ebook formats

It’s in your hands (well, on your screen, but go with me here); after this long journey, you’ve travelled across multiple worlds, seen through the eyes of thousands, travelled through time, and have finally reached the end of your quest. Your book is finished, and your masterpiece, mybook_final_really-final_no-this-is-really-the-final-version-now-v2.pdf, is ready to be unleashed upon the world. First, however, there is one more trial you must face, uploading your work to the dreaded print-on-demand software.

Professional Ebook Formatting


Once you have that beautiful first PDF on your screen, and you’re finally ready to let it go out into the world, there’s one last thing you may want to do to prepare. Your book must be formatted correctly to be accepted by the software of the self-publishing platforms and to ensure a great reading experience for the reader.
Luckily for you, we can do that, as well as ensure the book has proper chapter tagging, a clickable table of contents, and a flexible layout compatible with all e-readers.
Do you want a fixed format book such as a picture book? Excellent! We can do that too (and I particularly love picture books).

Free_Round_Sticker_Mockup_6 copy.jpg
Designer At Work

Merchandise & Promotional Materials

Endless possibilities!

So, you’ve done it. Not only have you managed to put your soul on the page, bearing it for the world to see, but you’ve followed through and sent it out into the world.
Now what?
Time to tell everyone about it, of course!
We will work with you and your artist (if you have one) to create stunning merchandise and promotional materials, including notepads, bookmarks, posters, and flyers or banners for events.

The Ultimate Package

One stop shop

We are talking about the perfect one-stop, always available for a chat and lend a hand shop! You will have Corryn walk you through your character design and storyboard and finalise every stunning page. I will work closely to ensure the text and story are incorporated along the way, so everything is perfectly harmonious. We can even liaise directly with your chosen printer.
We have limited availability for these spots as Corryn's diary books fast, so get in touch.

main header.jpg

Kickstarter Graphics

Tailored to you

We will work with you to create whatever you need to help your Kickstarter campaign pop and grab people's eyeballs! General requests include headings in GIF format, pie and timeline graphics, rewards graphics, colouring pages and more.

Packaging Design

Sell more than just a book

When your story outgrows its binding and the characters come to life, it's time to think of how you will package your character toys and plushies. Having created packaging for products featured in Walmart, English Heritage, and shops across the world, I can create beautiful and fit-for-purpose packaging that will make your product stand out from the crowd.


If you're interested in any of my services, or just want to talk about your book, then get in touch!

Feel free to fill out the form or contact me directly!

The form delivers right to my email and I will get back to you within 24 hours. If you don’t receive a response by then, please reach out directly through email.

Ryan Webb

I am also available on Reedsy if you prefer to work with me there with their protection and contracts. They do charge an additional 10% on my end and yours.

Thanks for submitting!

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