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Mermay writing & illustrating challenge - part 3

I’m not ready to dive into another writing project just yet as I’m still in the initial throws of rejection and editing MoJo, but I would love a break and distraction from that for a little bit. Enable me to come back to it bright-eyed and scaly-tailed.

With that in mind, the goal is to get to know Lae and spend a bit more time with her, and not write her story just yet.

I’m going for a couple of approaches. I’m going to break the first 2 weeks of May down and do something similar to the #hourlycomicsday where every day I will do 1 piece that represents an hour in a typical day for Lae which would give me a typical day over 14 hours and a lot of time thinking about how she interacts in her environment and life. Then for week 3, I’m going to roughly plan out a mini side story idea that’s bumping about my head. Week 4 I’ll clean this up and ink it in.

Then on the last couple of days I will FINALLY complete a poster I started creating for a friend and marine biologist who works tirelessly to rescue and educate people on marine life and biology in North Wales and founder of NWSRO.

Overall I have tried to keep it a challenge, but still achievable around my freelance work, not generally something I’m known for. Living with ADHD amongst other things I generally want to do ALL THE THINGS and struggle to perceive what’s realistic within the confines of time and physical and mental energy. I’m also doing a personal challenge to skate 100 miles for Cancer Research in May so expect a quieter June...

  • Week 1: Minimum of 1 panel a day to represent a typical hour in Lae’s life

  • Week 2: Minimum of 1 panel a day to represent a typical hour in Lae’s life

  • Week 3: Plan and thumbnail a webcomic, share daily updates and process.

  • Week 4: Finalise artwork and text for webcomic, share daily updates and process.

  • Week 5: Over the remaining 3 days of May update and finalise a poster for NWSRO.

Please enjoy the gratuitous Lae meets Mo illustration. They live in very different time periods so this was purely for my own enjoyment.

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