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A day in the life of a mermaid

So if you're read my posts about my #mermay challenge you'll know that I was using the first 2 weeks of May to draw some quick comic panels to investigate a normal day in my characters world. I want take a break from my present manuscript and tentatively start looking at the next story I have in mind to write, which just happens to centre around a mermaid.

With this story I want to place it in the real and present day world and despite the main character being a mermaid it's not a fantasy based story I have in mind for her. I have a brief overview of the story, but much of it is still fuzzy, which is why I thought taking the time to look at what her normal day may look like.

And here's exactly what that looks like:

I'm already behind on the rest of the challenge so I'm about to dive into catch up for that!

I can't say that it's created an interesting comic strip, but it has definitely given me a lot of food for thought about my characters and ultimately the overall story I had in mind for them! I am excited for the next part and to take this little writing & illustrating experiment further though!

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