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This year I took part in Feefal's Funguary art challenge. The month was broken down to 4 themes for each week and a prompt for each day to take inspiration from a specific mushroom and here are mine:

Week 1 - Spooky

Inky Cap

Clathrus Ruber

Destroying Angel

Mycena Chlorophos

Cordyceps (Parasitic)

Bleeding tooth Fungus


Week 2 - Colourful

Amethyst Deceiver

Blue Milk Cap

Violet Coral

Parrot Waxcap

Turkey Tail


Mycena Interrupta

Week 3 - Poisonous

Poison Fire Coral

Death Cap

Autumn Skullcap

Mycena Rosea

Verdigris Argaric

Cortinarius Iodea

Amantia Muscara

Week 4 - Cute/Pretty

Podoserpula Miranda

Plums and Custard Fungus

Splitgill Mushroom

Lion's Mane

Wrinkled Peach

Oyster Mushroom

Veiled Lady Mushroom

Hope you've enjoyed looking over them! I'm now taking mushroom requests to add to these fungi's and have a ton of things I want to do with them in the future! If you follow me on social media you may have already seen the models I've been making of a couple and I'll break them down in a blog post soon.

In the meantime drop us a like and follow if you haven't as we will be doing more art challenges in the near future :)

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